The Everyday Dress Haul – The Ones You Want to Live In

I’m so excited about this post. Mainly because I’m thrilled about owning these dresses, and I’m so excited for you to get your hands on them too. 

First of all – let’s talk wearability x affordability. You’ve seen the photos of above – these soft-to-touch, jersey, cozy, everyday dresses are the ones you throw on when you take your dog on a walk, that favorite that is the perfect cover-up for your swimmie at the beach, the ones you lounge in on hot summer days (yes, Texas) and on and on and on – and on. The everyday dress – but with the softest most comfortable fabric to boot. And the price point? Welp, they’re all from Walmart – so you betchya, they’re attainable and affordable – with lots of colors and lengths to choose from. I found the Walmart Fashion brand TheMogan and was smitten by the selection of soft, easy, dresses that you can easily accessorize, re-wear, and style up or down.

I have linked all of them below (scroll through by clicking the arrows on the sides; there are more soft cozy dresses than the ones I photographed) as you’ll notice Walmart carries each dress in a whole lotta sizes and colors. (Be sure to scroll down and click on your size to see what colors are available.) I styled each of these looks pretty simply, but I love the idea of also dressing these everyday casual chic pieces up with more fun accessories like hats, fedoras, hair scarves and more. If you haven’t browsed Walmart Fashion for clothes yet (truthfully this was my first clothes order and I am p-u-m-p-e-d about it), you definitely should. Whether it’s for spring or summer, this dress selection won’t disappoint and will get you all the re-wearable soft and chic dresses your closet is craving this summer.

I’m also linking my favorite faith-based books and accessories also found at Walmart here.


Photos by Divina Stennfeld

Thank you, Walmart for sponsoring this post; all opinions are my own.

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