Declutter: 10 Things in Your Bathroom to Get Rid of Today

10 Ways to Declutter Your Bathroom Right Now

KonMari My Life! How to Declutter Your Bathroom

I’ve been watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, and it’s so inspiring! I have so much clutter and more things than I can fit in my small two-bedroom city apartment. So my husband, Gregg, and I have been slowly but surely going through our things and clearing the clutter.

Your bathroom is supposed to be a place to relax and wash away the stresses of the day. But if your bathroom is filled with clutter (like mine), it’s hard to see it as a spa retreat. One of the best ways to start getting your bathroom organized is to declutter. I’m working on this now and I thought I’d share some of my thoughts. Getting rid of these 10 items in your bathroom today will help you remove some of the clutter and get your bathroom organized in no time.


Holding on to old makeup not only clutters your bathroom, but it can also be a health hazard. All types of makeup have expiration dates, so the first step to organizing your bathroom is to toss all your old makeup. You can also throw out all shades you tried and didn’t like, as well as makeup you don’t plan on using any time soon. You can donate or give to a friend, but only if you’re sure the makeup is not expired.

Makeup Brushes

After sifting through your makeup, start working your way through our makeup brushes. Throw away all the brushes that are losing their fibers, in addition to ones you never use. My collection of brushes was out of control, and in reality, I only use about 10 brushes, so I had a major brush clean out!

Skin Care Products

Take inventory of all the skin care products you have in your bathroom. Throw away all the products you don’t use and everything that may be past its prime. Some products go bad faster than others. Open the jar, or pump it into your hand – if it’s changed color, consistency, or smell, throw it away (don’t donate stuff like this). If it’s new (but you’re not using it) and in a pump, spray or other non-jar container (because if you dipped your fingers in it, that’s gross), then you can consider donating or giving to a friend.

Hair Products

It’s also important to go through all your hair products to throw away any products you don’t use, as well. I tend to have a lot of duplicates of the same type of product (so many dry shampoos, hair oils, hair thickeners, etc.). Do you have hair products that are collecting dust? If you haven’t used them in months, you will probably never use them. Donate or toss.

Nail Polish

While nail polish may last longer than other cosmetics, it does have an expiration date. Throw away all the nail polish in your bathroom that has an odd texture or smell. You should also toss or donate any colors you no longer like.

Hair Accessories

Take a look at all your hair accessories. Throw away any accessories you haven’t worn in a while, in addition to throwing out broken brushes and combs you no longer need. Got any hair ties that are about to break from being overstretched? Get rid of em!

Beauty Appliances

Sort through your appliances – hair dryer, straightener, foot bath, electric razors, etc. – to determine which items you use and which you don’t. Give away ones you have no use for, and throw out ones that don’t work. If you’re unsure of whether an appliance sparks joy, plug it in and see if it does what it’s supposed to do, then decide if you need it or not. If you haven’t used it in six months, you’re probably not going to use it.


You shouldn’t be keeping medication in the bathroom at all! The warm, damp environment is not ideal for prescriptions and supplements. But since we’re on the subject, expired medication can be dangerous, so start by throwing away all over-the-counter medication and prescriptions that have expired.


Toss out all towels and washcloths that are stained or ripped. Then, throw away towels your family doesn’t like because they’re too scratchy, soft, etc. I always keep a few “gross towels” for bathing my dog, rinsing off after using hair dye or faux tanner, or for cleaning up spills, but I keep them in a different area.

Cleaning Supplies

Finally, pull out all the cleaning supplies you keep in your bathroom. If you have more than one bottle of the same item, combine them and throw away the extra bottle. Then throw out any cleaners that you don’t use, in addition to sponges and scrub brushes that are old and worn.

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