Do You Really Need a Jade Roller?

Do you really need a jade roller?

Do You Really Need a Jade Roller?

I’m sure by now you’ve seen photos of jade rollers all over your Instagram feed. Beauty addicts everywhere are sharing carefully styled shots of their green jade and pink crystal rollers, implying that they are necessary parts of their beauty routines. But what are they for? What do they really do? Detective Jen is on the case – read on my friends!

Jade rollers have been used in China since ancient times (seventh century baby!). They are not new – they’re just new to some of us over here on this side of the planet. Articles all over the web promise big things from jade rollers. They supposedly increase lymph drainage, increase blood flow, contour your face, increase collagen production and elasticity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and help your serums and moisturizers to absorb better.

how to use a jade roller

I can’t say that I believe all of these claims, but here’s what I discovered after using a Luna Nectar jade roller for a couple of months.

Massage/Lymphatic Drainage – First of all, there’s a reason why aestheticians massage your face during a facial. It feels good and it drains lymph fluid from your face while also increasing circulation (which temporarily makes you less puffy and gives you a glow). All of these things can be done with a jade roller from the comfort of your own dimly lit bathroom (or fancy old-school Hollywood vanity if you’re bougie). In case you don’t know, lymph fluid is full of white blood cells, and travels throughout your lymph system in your body (not in your blood vessels). It clears your system of infections and keeps your body’s fluids in balance. Your lymph system is most likely working just fine (unless you have lymphadema – in which case you will KNOW because you will have a very swollen body part), but that doesn’t mean you can’t give your body a little help with gentle massage. After using a jade roller (VERY gently) for about 3 minutes or so, I can’t say my face was contoured like a Kardashian, but I can say I looked a bit less puffy (and it felt amazing).

Acne – If you have acne (like moi), you know that one of the main issues is inflammation. CONSTANT inflammation. I have found that putting my jade roller in the freezer gives me a wonderful tool for battling acne inflammation. I have been told to use ice cubes for this same purpose, but this is a much easier (and less dripping wet) way to achieve the same thing. I always spritz the roller with an alcohol/water mix that I keep in a little spray bottle after using, to make sure I’m not rubbing bacteria around on my face.

Headaches/Tooth Grinding – I have a BIG problem with constant headaches and tooth grinding, and the jade roller has been a welcome relief. I’m not going to say all my problems are solved, but I will say that this little massage tool feels amazing when I’m in pain (like today actually…). As I mentioned, I keep it in the freezer, so it feels great on my temples and around my eyes. I roll it gently in an upward and outward motion all over my face and neck (paying attention to the areas that are the tightest), and then when most of the coolness is gone, I use it on my scalp and hairline. Did you know you could have tight scalp muscles? YEP!

Serum Absorption – I have seen some articles saying that jade rollers won’t help your skin absorb serums any better than using your fingers. But, I think it’s common sense, that if you spend 3-5 minutes rolling serums into your face, you’re going to get a lot more absorption than a quick application with your fingers. Can you get the same absorption with a 3-5 finger massage? Probably. But are you going to remember to do that? Why not use a tool that has added benefits instead?

Bottom Line – Some people love the nightly (or morning) ritual of rolling their face – it feels nice and may have added benefits (as I personally found out). As long as you’re enjoying it and not pushing so hard that you’re bursting capillaries or bruising yourself, you should be okay!

How to use a jade roller
how to use a jade roller review

How to Use a Jade Roller – So, you’re ready to roll, huh? Okay here’s what you do. First start with a clean face (no need to roll bacteria and dirt into your skin). Add a serum or oil that you like (I used the Luna Nectar Heliophilia Glow & Fix Serum), and then start rolling in upward and outward motions. Use a gentle motion and don’t tug on your skin. The idea is to push the lymph fluid from the center of your face outwards – think of it like a push broom, and only push in one direction – don’t roll back and forth. But, if you’re using it to massage your scalp, feel free to roll in any direction, back and forth – whatever feels good. Use the small end of the roller under your eyes and the larger end for the rest of your face. Don’t forget your neck (swipe from the center to the left and then from the center to the right) and décolleté (roll down toward your heart). When you’re done, wipe the roller with a soft cloth and spritz with alcohol to sanitize it. Put it back in the freezer or fridge if you like it cold. Oh and don’t forget to post a pic of your gorgeous roller on Instagram – wink wink!

Luna Nectar Heliophilia Serum and Jade Roller Review
Luna Nectar Heliophilia Glow and Fix Serum Oil Review
Luna Nectar Heliophilia Glow and Fix Serum Oil from Cynaglow Review

What Serum Should I Use? Really you can use anything that you like, that is appropriate for your skin type. I have been testing the cruelty free, vegan and Leaping Bunny certified Luna Nectar Heliophilia Glow & Fix Serum because it’s lightweight and absorbs easily. Great for combination to dry skin, the serum is made with 15 plant-based (mostly organic) ingredients like squalane, baobab, meadowfoam, amla, seabuckthorn, gotu kola, camellia and rosehip. It’s great for moisturizing and it’s full of antioxidants, vitamin A and C, essential fatty acids, omega-6, and omega-9. The sea buckthorn even gives you a bit of a bronze tint, which is nice for the spring and summer. You would use this serum as you would use a moisturizer – after washing your face. Night time is the best time for serums like this, but you do in morning too, just before you apply your makeup as a moisturizing primer. The shelf life 2 years so it will last a really long time – and a little bit goes a long way. Oh and you can even use it as a hair serum for dry ends!

Luna Nectar jade roller and Heliophilia Glow & Fix Serum Spring Special

Want to try it? Cynaglow is having a Spring Special! Right now you can get the Luna Nectar jade roller and travel sized Heliophilia serum from Cynaglow for only $30 (normally $60) AND if you use my coupon code, you can get 10% off when you buy two or more kits (only for a limited time): 30BBUNNY. If you try it, please let me know what you think!

Vegan and cruelty free

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